One day with Diego Taroni

Dedicated to all wedding planners and beyond...

I have always maintained that
before taking a photograph you must first see, know how to see.
Whether it is a bride, a model, a couple, a group of people, an object or even better your fiancée, it always starts with the composition of the image, which must be done with the eyes, before the camera or the mobile phone. That is why you need to spend a day with me during which I will teach you to look, to observe the world as I do and then take photos that reflect my style, my sense of composition and balance.

Whether you want to photograph weddings or an event, a landscape or architecture, or simply want to surprise your "her" with shots that will make her happy... You need to see
and cut out reality
as I do.
If at the end of the day you are the same as before, you don't have to give me anything. This is my challenge.

One day with Diego Taroni

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Learn the secrets of photography from a professional photographer

corsi di fotografia organizzati da Diego Taroni


Imagine spending a day with me, where we will walk together observing lines and geometries that you have never seen before. Together we will photograph them, whether they are colonnades or balconies, trams or fruit baskets, or more simply people walking down the street unaware that they are the subject of an image finally created with the sacred canons of photography. Imagine arriving in the evening having photographed everything but above all having looked at it with new eyes, to the point that you will begin to see mistakes everywhere, even in films or TV series, not to mention social media, which have lowered our bar disastrously.
You will see mistakes everywhere because what you have learned is applicable in the field of photography and film. Imagine finally taking pictures (even with smartphones) that will give you satisfaction, enhancing the figure at your side (finally standing out in the blue without dustbins in the background), perhaps on your honeymoon, during an evening with friends or at another time of life that requires documentation, whether horizontal or vertical, in the light but also in the dark.

It will be fun to know that you will scold those who make the mistakes you once made.
You will never see the world with the same eyes again.
That's a promise!

ONE DAY dedicated to the

If you are a Wedding Planner and at every event you pray that the couple does not bring their own photographer...
If you are a Wedding Planner and every time you have to hire someone to take the pictures you need for your business...
. If you're a Wedding Planner and you're fed up with always having to depend on someone else to get the right pictures...
If you are a Wedding Planner and you want to be able to say "I learnt from Diego Taroni"...
Questo è il corso che fa per te.

Shear what a wedding planner like you has to say:

Those who know me know that I am a curious person who never stops learning and growing. I've always been passionate about photography, so I've always taken photos by intuition. Some of them were even pretty, of course, but it was more like luck. For a long time I've wanted to learn more about this subject and how to take good photos (maybe even just with my mobile phone); I'm a Wedding Planner and images are fundamental to me. I met Diego a few years ago and when I heard that he had organised a workshop dedicated to photographic composition, I jumped at the chance! I had a fantastic day, a bit embarrassed because the students were all photographers with ultra-professional cameras while I was standing there with my mobile phone, but that didn't take away from the pleasure of learning how to use 'my' tool in the right way. That day was not only enjoyable but extremely useful, I would say it changed the way I see the world (from a photographic point of view, of course!). Now I am very happy with the photos I take with my mobile phone; moreover, it has helped me a lot in my work, I have become much more objective, I see things I couldn't see before. And all this in just one day!

Watch the video reviews of those who have already participated in the course

corsi di fotografia con Diego Taroni
corsi di fotografia per wedding-planner Diego Taroni

In the CLASSROOM with the

The photographer is the most important supplier for a Wedding Planner and there is no doubt about that. Only through the photographer can the WeddingPlanner have a style, quality material for every work requirement and, to wink at a recent custom, create an Instagram grid with its own colour scheme. Not forgetting the possibility of photographing your own set-ups without depending on any photographer. This is why several WeddingPlanners have made use of my presence as a trainer in the field of photography, creating a module to be included in their courses to give that added value in the field of image.
The topics covered are as follows:

  • What is wedding photography, or how does it fit into an increasingly complex landscape.
  • What is the wedding photographer's day like, i.e. the Photo27 method of actively conversing with the WeddingPlanner and at the same time providing her with images necessary for her work.
  • Photographic composition techniques. Through a nice roundup of right and wrong images we will be able to create an image identity in the pupil, who will thus reach a knowledge that is often unknown to photographers themselves.

As hundreds of people who have taken part in my courses can testify, these are fundamental modules for the training of a Wedding Planner and very often they coincide with the end of the course, between a glass of prosecco and an infinity of questions that I am asked, a clear sign that we have hit the target.

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