The dream of getting married in ItalyTuscany castle IL PALAGIO

american wedding in castello il palagio tuscany

From Miami to Tuscany to celebrate their love We are greeted in the Tuscan castle IL PALAGIO Charles, a young groom surrounded by friends and family all strictly equally dressed. We find the same scene in Natalie's room, among makeup, dresses and a few bottles to be uncorked along with her bridesmaids.
In the secret garden of the Tuscan castle of Palagio the first look takes place, a moving and unique moment that opens the dance of an incredible day of emotions. Charles and Natalie set off for the ceremony in their strictly Italian red vintage car speeding through the Tuscan vineyards and landscapes followed by the watchful eye of our drone that turns the moment into a Fellini film.
The civil ceremony is in full American style; the array of bridesmaids and groomsmen almost seems to accompany and embrace the touching vows of the bride and groom whose kiss movingly kicks off the celebration.
Lights, Italian food and lots of music transformed Palagio Castle into a real wedding party!
Thank you Charlie and Natalie for choosing us as your wedding photographers through the wedding planners of Italian Event Planner (IEP).

wedding photo castello toscano il Palagio, Firenze, Toscana - by Photo27


Natalie & Charles


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