Matrimonio a Hokkaido Jingu (Hokkaido Shrine) Japanese Temple

wedding at hokkaido jingu - japanese temple

It all started one night in Bucharest when Kentaro and Keisuke asked me if I would be willing to stay two days, no more, in Japan for a fantastic wedding for one of the representatives of Sowa Weddings. Being an international wedding photographer means, during a wedding in Bucharest, talking about a wedding in Sapporo. And so on October three of that year I went to "Hokkaido Jingu," literally the shrine of Hokkaido, located in Maruyama Park on the island of Hokkaido in Sapporo, Japan. The Shinto ceremony in the temple was one of the biggest thrills in my career as a wedding photographer in Italy and around the world. The traditional Japanese ceremonial robes gave way in the next few hours to more Western-type clothes. It was one of the most important weddings of my life, and for that I thank Kentaro, Keisuke and Mr. Hoizo Kondo of Sowa Weddings.

wedding photo Jardin De Bonheur, Sapporo - by Photo27


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