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Often when I talk to the bride and groom about the wedding photo book, also called digital album, I am asked if it is the one with the photos printed directly on the page. This is not exactly the case. . Let's take a step back.
We are all familiar with the classic wedding album, namely that of our parents. The photos were applied with double-sided adhesive tape to pages of cardboard, most often black. In the digital age, the construction of the album is being overturned and a layout is being created digitally with the wedding photos chosen by the bride and groom, the photo book, files which are printed on photographic paper and then bound in a flat block with a cover.

album matrimonio fotolibro digitale

Basically, we can say that the book as well as the classic wedding album are printed on the same paper, but with substantial differences. For example, you will not have the typical gull wing effect when you open the album, because the flat block allows you to open each page at 180°. And the same block will be much more resistant than the block used for our parents' album. Personally, I consider the book album to be the most geometrically elegant, modern and durable solution. Even better if it is created with fine art prints guaranteed for 200 years, prints of indescribable quality.

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